Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And I take it back.

I knew this would happen.
Every time I commit a decision to paper (or in this case-microsoft word to blogger) I jinx it.
Luckily this time, I jinxed something that was kind of negative
In my last post I announced that I was putting off the move to LA?  Until like, January?
Well, the LawyerBF got a job, and now we're thinking as early as mid September!!!!
Exciting, no?
I'm two weeks from the Scriptapalooza quarterfinalist announcement, and slightly more from the Nichol.
So I'm going to try something..... I'm announcing right here that i will not win the California State SuperLotto tomorrow, just, you know, FYI.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now For a Glass of Red

I feel old.  Like, every day i feel old.
I look at kids graduating from High School and I'm actually jealous of them.  This is sad.  Because kids from high school are naive, they lack in experience, and in general, they're kind of obnoxious.  But hey, they wont worry about the beginnings of wrinkles around their eyes and on their foreheads.
I'm only 24.  24 is not a time to feel old.
I also feel broke.  Because in the last month I've literally spent the cost of my car repairing it (well, almost).  I've run up my credit cards to replace my computer which totally crapped out on me.  And I'm still covering the last few hundred dollars to get my teeth all shiny and straight.
The Lawyer BF, as amazing as he is, is looking for work.  He wants to enter into this internship like arrangement with the county DA.  Of course, this is non paid. 
He at least has a job.  A job where he was promoted twice within 6 months.  Something I'm insanely jealous of because there is no way to move up at my own job.

Anyway, that's the ranting.
Bottom line, we're putting off the move for six months.  The goal now is the new year.  While I'm sad, I also know moving to a place with no employment and 3k in the hole will not work.
I'm planning to make myself a game plan for the summer.  I've also decided not to put off classes until I move, but to start them now and just commute the what?  1.5-4 hour drive depending on time of day.
God, that's a lot of time in a car.
Now, I'm off to drink away my sorrows.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Am Now the Girlfriend of a Lawyer

Let the jokes commence!
In seriousness, my wonderful boyfriend worked his ass off and passed the California State Bar.  He's worked harder than anyone I've ever known in my life and he deserves it.
Amongst the celebration last night we discussed the future.
It was nice to reaffirm the plan.  The moving plan, the school plan, the life plan.
We could be planted down in LA as soon at June, though hopefully no later than the end of July.
All of a sudden I'm in a bit of a panic.
My car needs work, like, serious work.  I have most of my credit cards paid down, I have a few hundred dollars set aside for beginners headshots and classes. 
But financially, it just doesn't seem like enough.
So I plan on working like a fiend.  And reading everything I can get my hands on until then. 
Unfortunately, it seems like everyone I've ever walked past on the street is getting married between now and August.  It makes working weekends really difficult.
But this is a time for excitement!  And I plan on spending the day with a bottle of champagne. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs and Chocolate? Yes, Please

I once saw an interview with Katy Perry when she likened invisalign with a Sumo Wrestler sitting on ones head.
At the time I thought "Oh you drama queen, Kay Perry."  Alas, she's right.  In my life I've been run over by a car, broken bones and had an extremely painful root canal after a weekend of extreme pain.  I swear my mouth hurts more than any of those other things.
Like, ten Sumo wrestlers sitting on my head.  It's painful, but I'm taking before and after pictures. 
I binged on eggs and chocolate and those amazing starburst jelly beans for two days.
And now I feel sick.  And fat.  And depressed that I actually convinced myself that calories over the holidays don't count because everyone has them.  Well, they do.  And everyone gets fat.  And then I'm more depressed that I cant think like that all the time.
The Lawyer BF gets his bar results in less than three weeks.
Hopefully he'll land an LA based job, and we'll be relocated by the end of June.
He mentioned a potential job up east of San Luis Obispo and I laughed.  Right in his face.
You know, I'm cool with Camarillo.  Ventura I can live with, hell I can even make Santa Barbara work.  But the middle of bum-fuck-nowhere.  Not gonna happen.  This isn't even potential career driven.  It's not family and friends driven, it's all in the interest of saving my own sanity.  I will go to an Orly Taitz level of insanity that far away from the coast.  I will die inside, and then out.
And Katy Perry's the drama queen.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I committed.
I committed to fifteen hundred dollars worth of clear plastic that will change my smile, which really isn't all that bad to begin with.  I'm bouncing between ecstasy and buyers remorse. Now I'm thinking I should be committed. 
I finished a spec script for ABC's Castle.  I'm pretty proud of it.  I'm thinking of entering the ABC/Disney writers fellowship next year when I've wrapped more stuff up.  This will add bulk to my finished projects.
In the comming month I'm submitting my feature length project to The Nicholl Fellowship, The Burbank Film Festival and The Austin Film Festival.
I'm hitting up a friends play next week.  She's nervous as it's her first live performance.  She's been saying she wants to be an actress for years, and this is the first time she's ever been on stage.  I'm not really sure how that happened.... I'm also not sure how one makes it through the California Public School System without being forced into a play or two. 
I need another job.  for a while I was writing for ehow.  i finally got my articles up there where I was actually earning, and the ehow screws me and changes the terms of use.
I guess my next e-stop is craigslist.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And We're Patched.

Well, crowned. Or re-crowned.
And swollen, and heavily medicated.  And I'm suffering from one sided-droopy face.
But my dental problems are fixed.... or just beginning.
You see, I'm in the midst of a major possible commitment.
My teeth.... they're not so great.  I mean, they're white and straight and all, but a little bit spacey.  I had braces as a teen.  They fixed the problem.  But in the last couple years I've noticed some um... drifting.
Okay so the natural reaction is hey, maybe wear my retainer right?  Can't.  Thanks family dog Bodie.
My dentist made me an offer this afternoon.  In the past I've inquired about invisalign.  I was quoted 5 grand and laughed my way out of the office.  I mean, my teeth are straight, just a little not as close together as I'd like ad my car isn't even worth that.
So I guess there's a girl who's got the opposite problem with just her bottom teeth being jacked (mine is just my top teeth).  My dentist made an offer to let us spilt the cost, and discounted.
I could fix my upper spacing issue for just 1500 bucks.
Part of me wants to laugh.  I have classes to pay for, credit cards to pay off and a gas gauge that doesn't work.  I can not afford a grand and a half.  Plus there's the saver inside of me telling me how much less this is going to cost than I was originally quoted.... and the saver says to go for it.  This is the inside voice that makes me check groupon on a daily basis.
Part of me really really wants to.  Really.  Part of me looks at the money issue and wants to cry.  Maybe I'll take on a second job.  I told him I'd get back to him by the end of next week. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Relocation: LA

The topic I often think about, but rarely actually mention out loud.
Relocation.  Moving.  Borrowing my parents truck to cart down all my crap.
A move to LA is necessary.  I tentatively brought up the subject with the Lawyer BF today.  Mostly to affirm some kind of consistency in our thinking.
The Lawyer BF becomes an official Lawyer in May.  The Lawyer BF will be looking for a job.  Without a doubt the Lawyer BF will have to move... somewhere.
He once mentioned the possibility of moving out of state.  My response?  Have fun.  I'll miss you.  Send me a cute postcard.
My comfort zone is clearly marked between the Inland Empire and San Luis Obispo, within 150 miles of the beach.  Even if I was lobotomised, I'd still put up a fight before moving outside of it.  I had a boyfriend move to San Diego once.  We broke up. 
This conversation went better.  His network (i.e. law school classmates) is solely based in LA.
My network (i.e. random HS and college acquaintances who have moved on the pursue acting as a career) is in LA.  My friends are there, a few family members are scattered around.  His Nana's there.  It's where we need to be.
And we'll be there by the end of June.
Okay, so technically, SB/ Ventura isn't that far away.  But really, it is.  I find myself looking and student film breakdowns and cringing about the drive.  How nice will it be to worry about it less?
Bring on the shitty apartment.